Training blog #1

A training log, not one that I use, but it is a picture that introduces the topic.

It was 90 degrees at 7:00 PM when I set out for my run today.  “Heat wave grips 42 states” was the television news headline.  I took it slow to be safe.  The good news is that I ran for 55 minutes.  The bad news is that I only ran 5.5 miles.  To be fair, it was hot.  And I have had a nasty summer cold–sore throat, sneezing, nasal congestion, headaches, weakness, and fatigue.

So I ran, that is the good news.

I started out being less ambitious, thinking I would run three miles just so I could say I ran something.  Heading out on our southern run to towards Phillips and Donner roads, I got to the end of the town where the farm fields begin, which is about the one mile mark, and then I just kept going.  I regretted my decision after about 2.5 miles, because I had that much to get home–and I was hot.  I had done a good job keeping hydrated during the day.  We actually put up a new pool–12 foot diameter, 30 inches deep, with a simple motor filter that keeps the water moving–and then I did some painting on our new shed, built by Lowe’s a couple weeks ago.  But even though we were outdoors in the killer heat for most of the day, I kept a couple water bottles handy.  During the run, the wind was in my face, really, on the way out, too, which was better.  But the way back was tough.

Amtrak train in Three Oaks

Nearly done, for the first time when I’ve been on a run the train bells started clanging as I approached the center of town.  I hurried through, and the gates closed behind me.  I was down the block as the train rushed by behind me.  I had been thinking about this blog while I was running, and when I made the decision not to go on for an extra half mile to make it six total, I thought to myself, “Sorry Luc.”  I just couldn’t do it.

Thinking about the blog, it occurred to me that I should have some shorter entries to post between some longer ones.  I’ve been told that building a readership requires regular posting–the more regular, the better.  I know other bloggers who post something, even something short, on a more regular basis.  So a couple standard things that I could do, quick and easy, might just keep me posting more regularly.

I am working on a longer post about Tim Noakes, as I promised.  But by the time I got around to working on it, I decided I needed to look over the book again a little bit.

Our summer running chart for Saint Ignatius XC

One idea is that I can do a short training log blog, maybe once a week.  My runners are among the small group of readers here.  They should know what I am doing, since they know I am interested in what they are doing.

Words to the Saint Ignatius boys:  You should be running more than I am running–and faster.  Nothing would be more embarrassing–to me or to you–if I can outrun you when we return to practice in less than four weeks.

So here is what I did last week:

Sunday, July 10:  My much blogged about run with Jimmy Connelly and our team at Waterfall Glen.  I think I ran 7 miles in 64 minutes.  It was hot–not sure how hot.  I did not feel great.

Monday, July 11:  Four miles, around Washington Park, and then down the Midway for a little bit,  Another hot, late afternoon run.  Appointment with physical therapist Molly Malloy at the University of Chicago Medical Center, where I got a few more exercises to do.  We’re going to keep my file open, in case I break down, but this will be the last time I see her for a while, I hope.

Tuesday, July 12:  Back in Three Oaks, four miles around the town center, with a lap around the little league baseball fields.

Wednesday, July 13:  Nothing, busy day with family visiting.

Thursday, July 14:  Four miles around the town center, late in the day.   Slow.

Friday, July 15:  Nothing, busy day.  Drove back to Chicago to pick up mother and bring her back to Three Oaks.  Also made a stop at Saint Ignatius to do a few errands.

Saturday, July 16:  Our car broke down on Wednesday, and we had it towed to Randy’s Auto Repair, in Niles, where the tow truck was going.  We were on our way out to dinner, and after we quickly arranged alternative transportation (good thing we brought the second car to Michigan), we continued with our dinner plans with the car safely cared for.  On Saturday morning early, I jumped on my bike and road 20 miles to pick the car up in Niles.  I made some discoveries on the route.  The map said Elm Valley Road continues through to Niles, basically, running parallel to Route 12 which I wanted to avoid on the bike.  But Elm Valley Road deteriorates to bumpy asphalt in need of repair and then turns into a dirt road.  So I road a little bit north to Warren Woods Road, then later back south again to take Front Street through Buchanan, where we went to dinner on Wednesday at Wheatberry Restaurant, following that to Niles-Buchanan Road–and finally to Grant Street in Niles.  Total time:  1 hour and 24 minutes for 22 miles.

Totals for the week:  Four runs totalling 19 miles.  One bike ride, 22 miles.

I can also tell my physical therapist Molly Malloy that while I am not doing all my exercises as diligently as I should, I am doing most of them on most days that I run.  To be perfectly honest, when I am supposed to be doing three sets of 12, usually I do just two sets of 12.   But I am running pain free for the first time in almost two years.  Well, pain free in the sense that I don’t have the ongoing pain in my upper hip area that has sidelined me for twenty months out of the last twenty-four.

Starting over, after all that time off, every run is painful–including the painfully slow ones like today.

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