With great power comes great responsibility

Tobey Maguire plays Peter Parker as he begins fully to feel his superpowers as Spiderman.

So how does a coach explain what the end of season means, as we taper (boys who will finish after conference next week) and/or begin phase IV?

Here was my attempt on Thursday, as I remember one of my few attempts at an inspirational speech:

Does anyone remember the movie “Spiderman”?

Peter Parker goes on a field trip with his high school science class to the Museum of Natural History, like the Field Museum in Chicago.  While he’s there, he gets bitten by a spider.

The next morning he wakes up, and he feels, well, different—stronger, more aware, like he has special powers.  He isn’t Spiderman yet—but he is the guy who will become Spiderman.

That’s how you should be feeling this week, at this stage of your training.  You are on your way to becoming Spiderman.  You are on your way to becoming a super hero.

Some of you will become a super hero next week.  This is what it means to peak at the end of the season.

Some of you, over the next couple weeks, should just be starting to feel like you are going to be Spiderman.  You won’t be a super hero for a few more weeks.  We want you to be Spiderman at the sectional meet.

Well, maybe we want you to be Spiderman at the Chicago Catholic League meet next week, and then we want you to be Superman a couple weeks later at the sectional meet.

Who feels like they are turning into Spiderman?  You have to believe it is going to happen if you want it to happen.


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One response to “With great power comes great responsibility

  1. This must be one of those unorthodox moments!

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