A short post, so that I can start the habit of making short posts

I assume that others have come across this before.  But I was searching Youtube for track videos when I found this old clip of Tom O’Hara, Saint Ignatius class of 1960, breaking the indoor mile world record at the Chicago Stadium and running 3:56.4 while wearing his Loyola University uniform in 1964.  It was broadcast originally as part of the old ABC television program, Wide World of Sports.

As we get closer to the start of the winter track season, I am making plans for the season.  On Fridays during the indoor season, we have what we call Friday Fun days.  After a shorter practice, we order pizza, or just make hot chocolate, and meet as a team from 4:30 or so until 5:00.  I have collected almost the complete catalog of Bud Greenspan’s Olympics movies, and usually the program at these gatherings is to watch an episode or two featuring a specific athlete or event.  My favorites are often the decathlon episodes, in part because they cover so many track and field events.

This Tom O’Hara video will fit into that program, too.

Click on the pictures to watch the video.


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