Priorities: What I did today

Sign for our team bulletin board

We return to school tomorrow after the Christmas holiday.  My wife and children returned to the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools already on Tuesday.

Luc had appointments in the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday, which I handled.  But otherwise I had some time on those days to do some things that I needed to do.

Today I made a short visit to Saint Ignatius in the middle of the day.  There wasn’t much going on.  The varsity girls basketball team was just beginning practice when I arrived—and they were still practicing when I left a couple hours later.

I have lots of things to do to get ready for class tomorrow—including grading and class preparations that I didn’t get done over the vacation.

But what did I spend my time doing today?

I made posters to put up on the school bulletin boards announcing the first day of track practice on Tuesday, January 17.

I also took the cross country information off of our team bulletin board in the gym outside the locker rooms, and I posted new material for the upcoming track season—including several posters.

I checked my email.  Several members of my team had responded to an email I sent a few days ago asking them to evaluate some PDFs of possible uniform styles for them to consider.  Patrick Santino, one of my team captains for track, responded enthusiastically:  “I LOVE RUNNING FASHION!”

I also made a visit to the school switchboard to check on the Federal Express package that is bringing me two new pairs of running shoes from an online order I made a few days ago.

On the drive back from Saint Ignatius to Hyde Park, I stopped on the lakefront and ran for 30 minutes on the bicycle trail from 31st Street Beach, north behind McCormick Place to Soldier Field, and a return.

I had just enough time to take a shower and pick Luc up from school to take him to his 2:30 appointment at the medical center.

I will have to wake up early tomorrow to get a few necessary things done, and then get to school early in order to be ready for my 8:00 AM class.


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  1. Yeah, here we go, and what track fashions won the vote?

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