My foot hurts

I have blogged about the many times that I have started running again after not running for a while.

You would think I would remember how to do it—and what not to do.

I ran 20 miles or so the first week.  Maybe that was too much, but maybe not.

My real mistake:  I learned long ago that when I weigh too much and run, I get hurt.  In particular, I’ve had plantar fascia issues when I run too much when I weigh too much.   In the past, I have learned to lose some weight–then run.

But, I said to myself, I have relatively new orthotics—one year old.  I am not going to be running that much, just enough to keep a streak going and have fun.

I felt a pain near the heel of my foot a little bit two mornings ago when I woke up and stood on the floor—the sign people with plantar fascia issues know.  But today, after about two miles of almost four, there was a real twinge in my foot, which came and went on different steps.

I did just change shoes.  Or maybe it is the orthotics.

Experience tells me it is probably my 170+ pounds.

I will try to be smart and run just a mile for a few days and keep my streak alive.  And maybe I will have a talk with Dr. Adkins—not something I look forward to doing.

But it was fun to be running again, and I will have to do what it takes.



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2 responses to “My foot hurts

  1. Damn feet lol… My knee hurts


  2. Eddie J

    Found this entry very helpful in understanding my own foot pain.

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