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On Sunday morning I was five miles away from home, running with enthusiasm on the windy Chicago Lakefront.  I’ve run at least a mile a day for over 100 days now.  I started in January running about 20 miles each week; now I am running 30 miles each week, usually with one good long run of about 10 miles.  This Sunday run  was my ten-miler for the new week.  So I’ve made lots of progress.

I’d run my ten miler for the previous week on Wednesday, since I was on vacation that week.  It had been a breakthrough run, as I ran well below 8:00 minutes per mile.

I was so encouraged that I made arrangements to run in a race.

Then the tightness in my right calf, which has been bothering me a little bit for a week or so, turned into pain.

Calf troubles have plagued my running for years.  Usually this kind of pain shuts me down on the run—and maybe for a few weeks.  I imagined myself hobbling home.

But I stopped and stretched for a minute.  I walked a little bit, and then I rolled into a jog.  I slowed from the sub-8:00 minute miles I had been running  to a slower pace of 8:20 a mile or so.  And I finished the run, returning home with a sore leg, but I was still running.

Today I ran a mile.  I’ll probably run just a mile a day for the next few days, and I’ll hope my calf recovers so that I can get back some more ambitious running

Because I am registered to run in a 10K race this coming Saturday.  It would be my first race in, well, at least three years (maybe four) as I remember it.

A group of Ignatius alumni and faculty are running in the Wrigley Start Early Run as a fundraiser for the Ignatian Spirituality Project.  The ISP ministers to homeless men and women in Chicago and around the country, sponsoring them on spiritual retreats that often support their efforts in 12-step programs.  You can read more about the ISP here:

Here’s a link to my fundraising page: .  My goal is $300.

I hope you can support the ISP.


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